Overtaking someone on foot and having to keep up the uncomfortably fast pace until safely over the horizon

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2005 wasn’t just 2005

it was the beginning of an era


omfg i remember this

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i guess the real question is how can you not like tesla

he thought women would eventually rule the world because we’re the dominant sex

he liked pigeons

he was a vegetarian 

he was a babe

he was shy

he hated edison 

he’s perfect 


Yup, as long as you’re ok with that time he went bonkers and tried to build a death ray.

Are you serious the death ray was the best part

I’ll just leave this here

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i searched up ‘hurdlers without hurdles’ on google and i dont regret it

these boots are made for walkin

The ol razzle dazzle
parks and rec: a summary
Most to least likely to murder someone


  1. Scorpio
  2. Aries
  3. Sagittarius
  4. Capricorn
  5. Gemini
  6. Aquarius
  7. Virgo
  8. Leo
  9. Libra
  10. Pisces
  11. Cancer
  12. Taurus

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Imagine a Deadpool/Winter Soldier crossover in which Deadpool refers to Bucky as

"your friendly, neighborhood soviet assassin"

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I was watching Parks and Rec when this happened and I almost choked on my sandwich

If the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 soundtrack isn’t titled “Awesome Mix vol.2” I will riot

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walk into school like


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From now on, instead of explaining what asexuality is, I’m just sending people this gif


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